Let’s all get together, go outside and get creative! If you have ever looked at a sunset or the colors bouncing off a lake and thought “I wish I could paint that”, you may have an inner landscape artist just waiting to get out!

We believe art is a great group activity. "The Outsiders" meet at various locations for scheduled creative sessions, inspiration, encouragement and just for the fun of it. Any medium, any skill level, any age. Just show up and bring your art supplies or camera. Suggested donation: $5.

Follow the Galesburg Civic Art Center to get updates on Facebook or sign-up at a meetup to receive an email when future activities are scheduled. 

Join the Blue Bracelet Club - $20 per person - and meetups are FREE along with a generous 30% off discount at Blick Art Materials! (they may ask for ID).

Join us at an upcoming meetup!